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No Moore Pests LLC is a wildlife control service. We use the safest and most effective management methods for over population of pests such as birds, reptiles, raccoons, skunks, burrowing rodents, such as prairie dogs, pocket gophers, and more!  We are insured and licensed through the Colorado Department of Agriculture.



We are a family owned business whose goal is to safely and effectively reduce the infestation of pests.  As ranchers, we have seen the damage that occurs because of  unwanted wildlife.  Whether it's an annoying woodpecker, skunk, or pocket gophers who are destroying your alfalfa crop, we are here to help! 
Our Mission is to create a healthy and safe environment for livestock and property owners by safely and effectively reducing pest populations through the method of fumigation, trapping, and exclusion.

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Burrowing Rodent Reduction

A unique eradication method

Our preferred method of control is fumigation via PERC machine, because it delivers zero chance for non-target animals to be poisoned, all carcasses stay underground, and as a bonus, the carbon monoxide also rids of fleas, mites, and other parasites.



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No Moore Pests uses live traps that are checked daily.

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A satisfied customer reviewed "I texted these people and received a prompt response.  These two, JJ and Kristi Moore, came to my home to see if they could help with a raccoon problem i was having.  They came back the next day and JJ put up a barrier on the eaves of my house.  The raccoons are gone!  Thank you for helping me out.  They are wonderful people and do a VERY thorough and professional job!  I recommend them for your pest removal!  Great job!"

Elaine B.

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